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Ability to read - it is a great gift. And it's not just that the person who reads the training available in any direction. A person who likes to read books, home to a bright, interesting and eventful life. Books, in addition to tons of information, are an excellent alternative to psychotherapy. Reading the book, comparing the fate of the characters with their own, you learn to analyze the situation, to predict its outcome. You become attentive to detail and nuances of such notice, who do not read are not available to man. Analyzing the behavior of fictional characters, you learn to manage their feelings from others' mistakes. Do you understand how to behave in one or another situation. In addition, the process itself of reading fiction books a positive effect on the body. Monotone eye tracking by monotonous rows normalizes heart rate, blood pressure, harmonizes the mental state. Suffice it to thirty minutes of daily reading, and you will forget about their intention to visit a therapist. You will be able to understand all the nuances of their lives, raise their self-esteem, learn to love and receive love.